Lipstick Challenge

Lipstick Challenge Is Going Viral In China But Is Facing Criticism For A Reason.. Shocking!

Social Media has been turned in to a challenging scenario in now days. There is lots of tackling body issues out there. Even few Instagram accounts are full of this information regarding the testing of thin waist, thigh gaps and many more about curvaceous beauties. This trend is all over the China where skinniness is checked by the people and it is very cute and good for those who are pretty.

There is even more new trends like this. There is a new trend in China where the girls are trying to apply the lipstick with the use of arm which will be twisted behind their heard. They are flexible and have small faces. You might know about the belly button challenge then this is the same one like that.  You even know about A4 waist challenge then this is the same like that. Lots of people have accepted this challenge and agreed to perform. You need to check out this story where it has gone crazy all over the internet. They have stated video on Weibo and it went viral in no time. Chinese girls have posted about this on social networking sites. So, this the way girls are freaking out Even the definition of looks These absolutely made for Chinese beauties because they suit them. It looks by their desperation to be slim and it is the immense cultural pressure and through this they want to look good with their appearance. Lean Chinese Girls Chinese girls always look beautiful and even sleek too. The curves of them look absolutely brilliant and loved by the men around the world. Glimpse of A4 waist challenge We all know the A4 waist test which was held by It was a twitter site handled this which went viral on the internet because being skinny is a trend at was that time and a challenge too.

Belly button challenge that went viral previously

Even this challenge was also started by the Weibo a twitter website which also turned into the obsession of sleek waist which has to be accomplished by wrapping an arm around the back then it needs to be touches the belly button. Did you ever want to try this challenge? Take this challenge and notice the experience of yours. I think you have loved this story then share it with your friends on social networking sites.

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